Get Your FREE Copy of My Workout Log!

Keeping a workout log is important. Whether it be measuring progress, holding yourself accountable, or even motivating yourself a little when you see those miniscule improvements, a workout log can be the ultimate tool. Even if you don’t believe it has any benefits, it can’t do hurt to try it.

The reason a lot of people don’t keep one is that it’s difficult to come across one that covers everything a martial artist needs. You can buy expensive books, workout plans, and printables that do nothing for you but break the bank.

I decided to make this easy for you, so you have no excuses. It’s so simple, all you have to do is print it off. There’s a spot for you to input your weights and calisthenics, cardio, endurance, circuit training, and, most importantly, a spot for you to keep a fight training journal. After every class, I go home and write down everything worth noting that we did. In the long run, this helps with information retention, as well as provide me with a long list of drills to run whenever I’m in the mood for a good sweat.

You can download it here.

Remember, you got it from us. We got your back. Make sure to come back to find out what else we can help you with. This is Phallon from Fighting Champions, The Future of MMA.

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