MMA Sprawl Drill for Endurance in a Fight

Hello everyone, Phallon here from Fighting Champions. It’s not even debatable that a large gas tank can give a competitive edge to anybody in the fight game. Look at Tony Ferguson, Khabib Nurmagomedov, or Nate Diaz. If you’re able to keep a high pace longer than your opponent, you have a huge advantage. Take a look at this drill I use to make sure that I can stop takedowns at will without emptying the metaphorical gas tank.

This drill can be performed with the rest of your training. I use this drill as a warmup sometimes, it’s an effective way to get the blood pumping and prepare the whole body for war. It can also be a workout all by itself, or you can also use it in between shadow boxing and heavy bag work. Either way, if you incorporate this into your training in one form or another, your opponent is going to be in for it.

So, the format of this drill. You’re going to be going hard for 30 seconds, and then 15 seconds to recover for a total time of 45 seconds for each set. Perform as many sets as possible while still keeping good form. Keep a low stance, knees bent to just above 90 degrees. The drill starts out with a sprawl, then in the low stance, take 3 steps to the left, and sprawl. Take 3 steps to the right, and sprawl. Continue this pattern for the remainder of the 30 seconds.

After the 30 seconds, you only have 15 seconds to recover, so use it wisely. I would recommend getting a small sip of water, because too much could cause stomach cramps and hinder performance. Try to stay on your feet during the rest period, even walk around if you feel able. Your circulation will thank you.

Ensure that after this drill, or any of your workouts, that you are doing a proper cooldown. This could look like stretching, push ups, and light exercises to gradually cool your muscles back down to regular temperatures. This is for the maintenance of general health and while it might not make a difference today, it will in your future. It’s all about longevity, baby. With that, be sure to comment below how many sets you did, and follow Fighting Champions, The Future of MMA.


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